Weekly 'From the Desk'

Weekly 'From the Desk'

The NCWSBA Weekly 'From the Desk' covers the latest industry news, information and analysis on the world wool industry and agricultural markets, commentary on industry issues and updates on industry events. It provides a valuable resource for readers from the NCWSBA Executive Director who has over 20 years experience as a fibre and agricultural commodity analyst and strategist.

The Weekly is provided exclusively to NCWSBA Members. For a sample or to enquire further please contact info@ncwsba.org


May 2021


14 May

  • Volatility abounds across global markets. AUD fluctuates by two US cents for the week. Volatility was particularly evident in US markets, with technology stocks...
  • Wool prices ease. X-bred fleece down 10% in a fortnight. At current price levels, x-bred fleece wools are now only....
  • Pace of wool testing up over 60% for May. High VM wool deliveries continuing. AWTA has already tested more wool with 2% or greater VM in.....


7 May

  • Wool prices ease, with larger falls in 19 and 28 micron fleece. Despite the price weakness, Australian wool prices remain...
  • Wider commodity markets breaking decade highs. In fibre markets, cotton is up by a similar amount (+9%), but the standout in agricultural markets is..
  • Near-term supply focus with rising auction and AWTA volumes. The amount of wool moving from farm to warehouse....


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